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Dragoart T2 Tattoo Gun w/ W1 Tattoo Battery Pack Kit

Dragoart T2 Tattoo Gun w/ W1 Tattoo Battery Pack Kit

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Why Choose Dragoart Tattoo Supply?

Choose Dragoart Tattoo Supply for top-notch, affordable tattoo equipment. Our direct manufacturing approach since 2000 guarantees quality and budget-friendliness. With branches in Houston and Brazil, and as founders of the China Tattooist Association, we're a trusted name in the industry, committed to customer satisfaction and innovation in tattoo artistry.


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T2 Tattoo Rotary Machine Description

Why you should choosing Dragoart T2 tattoo machine?

Great for Any Tattoo Style

The core of the Dragoart T2 Tattoo Pen Machine is Dragoart tuned brushless motor. This is complemented by a versatile 3.5 mm stroke length and an adjustable needle depth of 0 to 4.0 mm. The motor's outstanding torque-to-weight ratio ensures that each stroke is powerful and precise, even at low voltages, making it perfect for intricate shading work. When you switch to higher voltages, the high RPM of the motor enables you to swiftly and effortlessly produce long, bold lines. The Dragoart T2 adapts to your technique, bringing your designs to life with flawless precision.


Wire & Wireless:

The T2 comes with a universal RCA port. It can use with a traditional tattoo power supply or a wireless tattoo power supply. Give yourself all the rights to DIY your T2 tattoo machine. 


Simple & Easy Control: 

The T2 and W1 rotary tattoo machine kit use classical 3-button to control the tattoo machine for efficiency and simplicity.

Save Energy:

Reducing the need for frequent recharging and prolonging battery life, it automatically turns off after 10 minutes of being in pause mode. This smart function ensures efficient power usage.

Jump Start:

Enables the Dragoart T2 tattoo machine to effortlessly initiate tattoo needle movement at any voltage. This feature ensures a smooth start and consistent needle push.

Hold the wireless tattoo power supply voltage adjustment buttons at same time to easily activate or deactivate the Jump Start feature.

*Hold the voltage adjustment buttons at same time to easily activate or deactivate the Jump Start feature.

Ring Switch:

The unique design to let you tattoo easily. The ring switch can turn on and off the  tattoo machine by your finger, and pause and resume it. It may be a good partner when tattooing.


Why Dragoart Tuned Brushless Motor?

The Dragoart T2's brushless motor tuned and test by our pro team tattoo artist, setting a new standard in the tattoo industry. This top-tier motor delivers unmatched control and rapid responsiveness, elevating every tattoo session.

  • Durable and precise control: The brushless design of the Dragoart tuned motor minimizes maintenance and extends its lifespan, while ensuring more precise control and quicker responsiveness.
  • Work Longer With Tattoo Battery Pack: The Dragoart Tuned brushless motor efficiently converts electricity into mechanical power, offering extended run time when used with the Dragoart W1 Tattoo Battery Pack.
  • Low Noise, Low Vibrate: Brushless motors operate quietly for focused work and have less vibration, reducing hand numbness for comfortable long tattoo sessions.
  • More Powerful, Higher Speeds The brushless motor's high torque ensures effective strokes at low voltages for detailed shading and high RPM at higher voltages for quick, bold lines.


Dragoart T2 Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

  • Rotational Speed: 12V/10000RPM
  • Motor: Dragoart Brushless Motor
  • Port: RCA
  • Stroke Length: 4.0 mm
  • Needle Depth: 0-4.0 mm
  • Direct Drive System
  • Grip Size: 1.3 inch (33 mm)
  • Weight: 5.12 oz
  • Compatible with most of tattoo cartridges needle in the tattoo industry
  • Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum

Dragoart W1 Tattoo Battery Pack

  • Connecter: RCA
  • Battery Capacity: 1300 mAh
  • Voltage Range: 4V-12V
  • Material: Aircraft-grade Aluminum
  • Weight: 2.4 oz
  • Jump Start
  • Auto Power Off
  • Pause Mode
  • Compatible with Ring Switch


  • Suit All styles of tattooing
  • Low Vibration
  • Balanced Weight Distribution
  • Quite
  • Easy and Simple Control
  • See-through Window
  • Dragoart Tuned Brushless Motor
  • Ergonomic Anti-slip Grip
  • Late about 4-8 hours
  • Charge time about 3 hours
  • Design as One Piece Tattoo Machine 

        What is Included

        • 1 x Dragoart T2 Tattoo Rotary Pen Machine
        • 1 x Dragoart W1 Tattoo Battery Pack RCA
        • 1 x RCA Clip Cord
        • 1 x Type-C Charge Cord
        • 1 x Dragoart T2 Tattoo Machine Manual
        • 1 x Dragoart W1 Tattoo Battery Pack Manual


        Is the Dragoart T2 a wireless tattoo machine?

        The Dragoart T2 offers the flexibility of both wired and wireless usage. When paired with the Dragoart W1 Battery Pack, it transforms into a wireless tattoo machine, providing artists with greater freedom.

        How do I adjust the needle depth on the Dragoart T2?

        You need to rotate the grip to adjust the needle depth. The Dragoart T2 allows for an adjustable needle depth ranging from 0-4.0 mm, catering to various tattooing techniques and preferences.

        Can I use other battery packs with the Dragoart T2?

        While the Dragoart T2 is optimized for use with the Dragoart W1 Battery Pack, it features an RCA port, making it compatible with other battery packs that have an RCA connector.

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