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Control Tattoo Machine via Grip: Dragoart Ring Switch

Introducing the Ring Switch: Enhance Your Tattooing Experience with Easy Control

As a dedicated tattoo artist, having full control over your tattoo machine is essential to deliver precise and outstanding artwork. We are thrilled to introduce our latest innovation, the Ring Switch, designed specifically to enhance your tattooing experience. With its seamless integration and ergonomic design, the Ring Switch empowers you with effortless control over your tattoo machine, allowing you to focus on your artistry.

Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Design
The Ring Switch is a versatile accessory that works in perfect harmony with our tattoo battery pack. Simply attach it to your tattoo machine grip, and you're ready to go. The high elasticity silicone material ensures a secure and comfortable fit on different grip sizes, accommodating various preferences among tattoo artists.

tattoo ring switch fit on different size tattoo pen machine

Effortless Control at Your Fingertips
With the Ring Switch, you can easily turn your tattoo machine on/off, pause, and resume tattooing with a simple press of the button. The specially designed button prevents accidental mis press, providing peace of mind during your tattoo sessions. Say goodbye to fumbling with switches or cables, and enjoy uninterrupted creative flow.

tattoo gear specially designed prevents accidental mis press

Precision and Flexibility
The Ring Switch allows you to exercise precise control over your tattoo machine, enabling smooth transitions and seamless adjustments while working on intricate details. Experience the freedom to focus on your artistry without the distraction of cumbersome controls.

Compatibility and Limitations
Please note that the Ring Switch is designed specifically for use with our tattoo battery pack and is compatible with tattoo rotary pens. It is not suitable for use with coil tattoo machines. We strive to provide tailored solutions for your tattooing needs, and our team is constantly working on expanding our range of products.

work for rotary tattoo machine tattoo pen only


Pricing and Availability

Now, the Ring Switch don't sell separately. It come with Dragoart WX-3 plus tattoo battery pack. Please kindly check out our WX-3 plus battery pack.

With the Ring Switch, we aim to elevate your tattooing experience by offering a convenient and intuitive control solution. Designed to seamlessly integrate with our tattoo battery pack and accommodate various grip sizes, this accessory empowers you with effortless control over your tattoo machine. Experience the freedom to focus on your artistry, streamline your workflow, and enhance the overall tattooing process.

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