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Tattoo Kit - Dragoart Urban Beginner Tattoo Gun Kit

Tattoo Kit - Dragoart Urban Beginner Tattoo Gun Kit

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Featuring an extensive array of accessories like premium tattoo machines, varied needles, colorful inks, and essential hygiene supplies, this kit offers a thorough toolkit for any tattoo project, emphasizing its comprehensive nature for artists at all levels.
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Urban Wireless Tattoo Kit Features

Why This Kit?

Includes Everything You Need

The Dragoart Urban tattoo kit is a comprehensive package, offering everything required for tattooing. From the versatile URBAN Tattoo Gun Machine and an array of cartridge tattoo needles to practice skin and essential supplies like ink caps, gloves, and vitamin vaseline, this kit sets you up for success, ensuring you have all the tools at your fingertips to elevate your tattooing craft.

Cutting-Edge Wireless Capability

Step into the future of tattooing with the Dragoart's advanced wireless operation. Powered by the upgraded WX-6 battery with a robust 1300mAh capacity, enjoy up to 6 hours of cordless tattooing. The kit offers the flexibility of wireless freedom or the reliability of wired connection via an included RCA clip cord, allowing you to tattoo with precision and ease, untethered by cables.


Urban Tattoo Machine

  • Grip Size: 1.22 in
  • Working Voltage: 4-12 V
  • Stroke Length: 3.5 mm
  • Adjustable Needle Depth: 0-4 mm
  • Weight: 6.13 oz
  • Material: Aluminum

- Powerful: The Urban tattoo machine boasts a powerful motor capable of reaching up to 10,000 rpm.
- For Everyone: Its lightweight design and structure minimize vibration, ensuring comfort and precision for artists at all levels.
- Comfortable to Hold: Ergonomically designed to fit well in your hand, allowing for extended tattooing sessions without fatigue.
- Versatile Use: Perfect for lining, shading, and color packing with a 3.5mm stroke and an adjustable needle depth of 0-4 mm, it's designed for all tattoo styles.

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WX6 II Tattoo Battery Pack

  • Charging Time: 2 hours
  • Voltage Range: 4-12 V
  • Weight: 1,79 oz
  • Battery Life: 4-6 hours
  • Port: RCA

-Durable: Made with aluminum, the WX-6 II tattoo battery lasts a long time and charges fast for 4-6 hours of tattooing*.
-Easy Start: The "Jump Start" gives your tattoo gun a quick energy boost to start needles fast.
-Light and Easy to Carry: At just 1.79 ounces, it's super light and perfect for tattooing anywhere you go.
-See Everything Clearly: The digital LED screen shows voltage level and more, making it easy to keep track when you are tattooing.
-Long-lasting: With a big 1300 mAh battery, it keeps your tattoo gun running strong during your art sessions.

*: Battery life depends on voltage, tattoo machine, and the softness of the surface you are tattooing.

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Tattoo Cartridge Needles

The kit contains two types of tattoo needles, allowing you to try all techniques with this kit.

1203RL for Lining: 'RL' stands for Round Liner, ideal for tattooing bold lines.
1205M1 for Shading: 'M1' stands for Magnums, excellent for shading and color packing.

Tattoo Ink

7 x 5ml bottles of Tattoo Ink in various colors for vibrant and dynamic designs.

Shake well before use.

*Please do not use this tattoo ink on human skin.

Comprehensive Tattoo Accessories

With everything from practice skins to hygiene essentials and care products, this tattoo kit ensures every artist has the comprehensive set of accessories needed to execute any tattoo designs.

tattoo kit contain tattoo machines tattoo needles tattoo ink and other tattoo accessories acc

In the Box:

  1. Dragoart Urban Tattoo Machine
  2. Dragoart WX-6 II Tattoo Battery Pack
  3. Aurora II Cartridge Tattoo Needle (1205M1 x 5, 1203RL x 5)
  4. Disposable Tattoo Machine Bag
  5. Medical Tape
  6. 7 x 5ml Tattoo ink
  7. Tattoo Ink Cap (10 x S, 10 x M, 10 x L)
  8. 2 Sheets of Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper
  9. A Pair of Gloves
  10. Co-flex Tape
  11. Ointment
  12. USB C Charge Cable
  13. RCA Clip Cord
  14. Tattoo Practice Skin