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Tattoo kit - Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Tattoo Bundle

Tattoo kit - Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine Tattoo Bundle

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  • Easily Calculate Your Salary: The Dragoart Archer Tattoo Machine includes a built-in Work Time Tracker to help you stay focused on your artwork.
  • Ideal for Any Tattoo Style: It boasts a powerful motor with speeds up to 12,000 RPM and a direct drive system for potent strokes.
  • Built for Extended Sessions: Its large 1,500mAh battery lasts between 4-8 hours, ensuring you can keep working comfortably without needing frequent recharges.


  • Grip Size: 1.1 in
  • Working Voltage: 5-12 V
  • Stroke Length: 3.5 mm
  • Adjustable Needle Depth: 0-5 mm
  • Weight: 4.76 oz
  • Material: Aluminum
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Magic Creator Stencil Bundle

Let's try out the Magic Creator stencil transfer paper and stencil gel to get a crystal-clear tattoo stencil.

Archer Tattoo kit include a archer tattoo machine a bag of tattoo stencil paper and 1 oz tattoo stencil gel

In the Basic Tattoo Kit

1 x Dragoart Archer Wireless Tattoo Machine

1 x 20 sheets of Magic Creator Tattoo Stencil Paper

1 x 1 oz Magic Creator Tattoo Stencil Transfer Gel