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Tattoo Kit - Dragoart RB01 Rotary Pen Beginner Tattoo Gun Kit

Tattoo Kit - Dragoart RB01 Rotary Pen Beginner Tattoo Gun Kit

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Why Choose Drgoart Tattoo Supply?

Choose Dragoart Tattoo Supply for top-notch, affordable tattoo equipment. Our direct manufacturing approach since 2000 guarantees quality and budget-friendliness. With branches in Houston and Brazil, and as founders of the China Tattooist Association, we're a trusted name in the industry, committed to customer satisfaction and innovation in tattoo artistry.

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RB01 Tattoo Kit

Why This Kit?

Includes Everything You Need

The RB01 Tattoo Gun Starter Kit is an all-encompassing package, providing all the essentials for your tattooing journey. It features a high-quality rotary machine, practice inks, needles, and vital accessories, offering a complete setup for both novice and experienced artists. Simply unbox, set up, and start creating – it's that straightforward and efficient.

User-Friendly Design

Designed with simplicity in mind, it's perfect for beginners, providing an easy and straightforward start to your tattooing practice. Dive into the world of tattooing with our user-friendly Rotary Machine, a key feature of the RB01 Tattoo Gun Starter Kit.

How to Set up the tattoo kit?



RB01 Tattoo Machine

  • 6000 - 9000 RPM, weighing only 7.5 oz.
  • Compatible with most needle types.
  • 3.5 mm stroke and 0-4mm needle depth for effective shading and lining.
  • The Flash tattoo pen is crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, featuring a CNC integrated carving process for wear-resistant parts.

The Cam Wheel ensures smoother ink transfer to practice skin.

Mini Tattoo Power Supply

  • Light weight design: Made of plastic
  • Large voltage range: 0-18v

Tattoo ink

Shake well before use 

*Please do not use this tattoo ink on human skin.

Tattoo Cartridge Needle 

The kit contains two types of tattoo needles, allowing you to try all techniques with this kit.

  • 1203RL for Lining: 'RL' stands for Round Liner, ideal for tattooing bold lines.
  • 1205M1 for Shading: 'M1' stands for Magnums, excellent for shading and color packing.

Thoughtfully Selected Accessories

This kit goes beyond the essentials, featuring a selection of additional accessories designed to meet all your tattooing needs. These ensure you can start tattooing right away. With these comprehensive additions, the kit equips you with everything necessary to fully develop and showcase your tattooing talents


What Included:

RB01 tattoo kit included
  1. RB01 Tattoo Rotary Tattoo 
  2. Co-flex Tape
  3. Aurora II Cartridge Needle (1205M1 x 5, 1203RL x 5)
  4. 8 x 0.5 oz Tattoo ink
  5. Mini Tattoo Power Supply
  6. Foot Pedal
  7. Power Cord for Tattoo Power Supply
  8. DC Clip Cord
  9. 2 Sheets of Tattoo Stencil Transfer Paper
  10. 2 pcs of Tattoo Practice Skin
  11. Ointment 
  12. A Pair of  Gloves
  13.  Medical Tape
  14. Tattoo Ink Cap (20 x S, 20 x M, 20 x L)

  • Why you should use Rotary Pen Machine

    There are kind of tattoo machine used all over the world, coil machine, and rotary machine. These 2 kinds of machine have each features. if you want learn more about it, please kindly click the "Learn More" below.

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